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What's Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a Chinese art form and science that can be traced back several thousands of years. Feng Shui, in its literal sense, means Wind Water. In Chinese traditions, clean water and softly blowing wind represent good fortune. Such fortune and an ease of life is often referred to as “good Feng Shui”, while on the contrary, "bad Feng Shui" is often associated with misfortune or bad luck.

In Feng Shui, it is the ultimate goal to invite positive energy (Chi) into a home/office and to remove/stop bad energy (Chi) from coming in.


Perhaps you have walked into someone’s home before and instantly felt comfortable, peaceful, and relaxed? That would have been an example of a well balanced home (good Feng Shui).


While there are a number of different Feng Shui schools/branches, here in America the most commonly known is Black Hat Sect Tantric (or Western Feng Shui), I would like to focus on my specialty, which is Classical Feng Shui.


Classical Feng Shui is the most traditional practice (and most powerful in my opinion) and includes Flying Star, Intentional Feng Shui, Form Feng Shui (landscaping), as well as Eight Mansions. Essentially, unlike more modern practices, Classical Feng Shui considers the birth of your home (construction date), which direction it faces and sits, and your home’s surrounding environment in order track unforeseen influences that may have or will develop over time.


Let me show you how proper placement of objects (bed, art, tables, etc.) and the elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal) can create harmony in your home or office.

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