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My Professional Background


I am Anja. I am a Feng Shui & Reiki Master, a manager of business development/strategic planning, and a real estate agent. I received my Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and I am currently working on my MBA. I am a wife who supports her husband's trucking business. Most importantly, I am grateful. I am grateful for all the opportunities the Universe has presented me with, and I am looking forward to all that life has yet to offer.


My Personal Life

I currently live in Columbia SC with my husband, my mother, who just recently moved to the U.S. and my two dogs. In my spare time, I like to travel as much as possible, and practice Feng Shui every chance I get (yes!!!).


I have to admit that life has not always been this pleasant. After I moved here from Germany in 1996, I experienced financial troubles, divorce, homelessness, loss of loved ones, broken hearts, and a terrible car accident. There were times when the simplest tasked turned into huge obstacles and adjusting to a different culture felt difficult. When I have shared my story in the past, I was often asked why I did not just go back to Germany, and to be honest, I have no idea why. Perhaps it was my faith, knowing that everything will work out just fine. 


Looking back, I have no regrets. My struggles have made me who I am today, and I am most thankful for being able to live a very comfortable lifestyle, share special moments with the love of my life, and have family and friends in my corner. 

My Transformation


What does all this have to do with Feng Shui? Well, there are definitely some connections. First, I have always believed in a higher power, which gave me the stamina to move forward with full force. I also understood what good and bad energy felt like, and as I was trying to overcome financial difficulties, I started reading a lot of Feng Shui articles online and implemented recommendations to help me improve my wealth. Maybe you have heard about carrying Chinese coins in your wallet etc. The more I was reading, I realized how powerful Feng Shui is, and so I developed a passion to learn more about it. Then it happened, out of nowhere. I was at the dentist office waiting for surgery. In the waiting room there were artificial plants, a dried out fountain, and overall, the place felt lifeless. In my mind I imagined a Feng Shui consultant helping this office, and then I thought to myself, what if I was that consultant? The moment I got home from surgery I signed up for classes at the International Feng Shui School in Ireland, and I realized how Feng Shui was the connection to my mishmash of accomplishments.


After many, many months of studying, I became a Certified Classical Feng Shui Master. Since then, I have not just watched my own life transform, but also the lives of those who allowed me to practice in their homes and businesses.


It is my sincerest desire to use the precious gifts of positive energy to share my love and light here in the U.S. and across the globe.


With gratitude and love,

Anja Eaddy

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